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Geetha Priyanka, M.D.

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Geetha Priyanka, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer - Baba Health Care, Inc.

Chairman of the Board-Baba Holdings Group Inc.

Dr. Geetha Priyanka is the Chairman of the Board of Baba Holdings Group. As a medical doctor and business executive Dr. Priyanka promotes diversity initiatives, she is responsible for designing programs to retain, develop, and advance diverse professionals while empowering women.

“Encouragement to all women is – let us try to offer help before we have to offer therapy. That is to say, let’s see if we can’t prevent being ill by trying to offer a love of prevention before illness.” – Maya Angelou Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Priyanka spearheads the effort to enhance senior care living, with her not-for-profit program (Baba Senior Outreach) designed to assist the elderly who have fallen on hard times.

Dr. Priyanka was younger when she immigrated to the United States from India. Her background is anything but ordinary, having completed medical school training. She started her career as a Medical Doctor and later progressed to Medical Director and CEO of her own Health Care Company Baba Health Care. And she is also the Chairman of Baba Holdings Group.